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Obaggo Partners with Helpsy to Collect Disks!

I am thrilled to share an exciting development for Obaggo users. Thanks to a new partnership with Helpsy, a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, you now have access to hundreds of additional convenient drop-off locations for your plastic bag and packaging film disks in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Helpsy, which operates over 1000 clothing and shoe bins across New England, has graciously expanded their collection services to include Obaggo disks. We are immensely grateful to Helpsy for their collaboration and commitment to sustainability, which significantly enhances our collective recycling efforts.

This partnership brings significant advantages to both Obaggo and Helpsy. For Obaggo, Helpsy is playing a pivotal role by collecting and aggregating Obaggo disks at their warehouse. This enables Obaggo to ensure the responsible downstream processing of the material. And having access to the collected plastic disks will allow us to conduct comprehensive Pilot Tests. These tests are crucial for validating key concepts of our bag and film recycling system, an initiative we have been eagerly planning for some time now. Meanwhile, Helpsy benefits from this collaboration by inviting Obaggo users to also responsibly dispose of their clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens at their bins.

If you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, Obaggo prefers that you utilize the Helpsy Clothing & Shoes bins for recycling, so that we will get your disks for testing and re-processing. There is now a link to find a Helpsy bin near you, located on our website, on the "Drop-Off Locator" page. For those living outside of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, please use the "All 50 United States" locator, which helps you find the nearest retail store that accepts bags and film.

Make sure to bag your disks before you place them in the Helpsy bins! And of course, do the same for your clothes and shoes. It will really help out the folks who service the bins.

As we move forward with this exciting partnership between Obaggo and Helpsy, we are confident that it will pave the way for more sustainable practices and innovative recycling solutions. This collaboration not only expands our network and capabilities but also empowers each of you, our dedicated users, to participate more actively in environmental stewardship. Whether you are dropping off plastic disks or your unused textiles, each contribution plays a crucial role in our collective effort to minimize waste and promote recycling.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm! Remember, every disk and every item you recycle helps us come one step closer to a cleaner, more sustainable world. Together, let's continue to set a standard for responsible recycling and make a tangible impact on our environment.

Dave New


Obaggo Recycling

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Great news that the disks can be dropped off at the Helpsy bins!!! I will be dropping off the disks at Helpsy and will also make a contribution to help them. 😊


Roundlake IL here, I am very interested in your machine as well! I’m curious what happens to the discs when they are melted down. Can you put the individual wrappers and bags in This device too? I would be happy to be a test user for my neighborhood if you need to work out the kinks to get this rolled out outside of where you are presently.


Salem, Oregon here. What are the disks you talk you mean the tops of plastic containers, or....??? Any collection sites on our side of the pond yet? Thanks!

Replying to

The Obaggio appliance takes your plastic bags, and film (Things like packing bubbles) and heats them up enough to create a disk. These disks are what they are talking about. I am very interested in an Obaggio, however I cant afford one.

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