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Our Story

Back in 1970, my father founded one of the first recycling centers in the country, in Montclair, New Jersey.  Landfills were filling up fast, and he understood that one of the keys to sustainability was recycling.  The unrecyclability of plastic bags and packaging film was a lifelong frustration. I spent the Saturdays of my youth working at the recycling center, sorting paper from magazines, separating clear, brown, and green glass, and crushing the aluminum cans to densify them for storage.  The idea of densifying clean/dry post-consumer bags and packaging film, to make them more economical to recycle, grew directly from this experience.

The Founder

Dave New Headshot Linkedin.png
Founder and CEO

Dave has 35 years in supply chain consulting, an MBA in Operations Management from Cornell University.  The idea behind Obaggo originates from Dave's childhood experiences in recycling, and his long career in supply chain consulting. Dave sees plastic bag and film recycling as a supply chain problem, and he started Obaggo to help sort it out. 


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