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About Us

Obaggo Recycling is pioneering the way we recycle plastic bags and packaging film, addressing a significant environmental issue. Only a tiny fraction of these materials are currently recycled, largely because they jam the equipment used in most recycling processes. Obaggo’s innovative solution transforms these materials into recyclable disks, making it possible for them to be accepted in curbside collection programs.

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The concept for Obaggo originated from the childhood experiences of its founder, Dave New, who grew up working in one of the country’s first recycling centers. His lifelong frustration with the unrecyclability of plastic bags and film, combined with his extensive background in supply chain consulting, led him to see plastic bag and film recycling as a supply chain problem that Obaggo aims to solve. The company’s mission extends beyond recycling; it is also about reducing plastic use and promoting sustainability.

Obaggo is actively working towards achieving universal acceptance of densified plastic film disks in curbside recycling programs. Initially, the disks may not be accepted everywhere due to the volume required for economic viability. However, Obaggo is providing consumers with convenient alternatives for recycling their disks during this interim period, including specially-marked bins at drop-off locations, a mobile-enabled Web app to locate these bins, and access to the retail store drop-off program.


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