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  • How does Obaggo work?
    The Obaggo device works by heating and compressing your clean/dry polyethylene bags and packaging films (#2 and #4 primarily) over approximately a 15 minute period. Take your empty bread bags, toilet paper overwrap, etc., place them all inside one or more other wraps, wad them into a ball and place it into the device, and press "ON". It will heat and compress and then cool, and when it's done, press "EJECT" and you have a recyclable disk.
  • What bags and wraps can I recycle in Obaggo?
    Obaggo helps you recycle all “polyethylene” plastic bags and wraps. Generally, any thin-film plastic labeled as #2-HDPE and #4-LDPE. Visit our website page for more information:
  • Will my local recycler accept Obaggo disks?
    When Obaggo first hits the market, recyclers will not know to accept Obaggo disks for recycling. Obaggo is currently working with many towns to put in place recycling bins at Transfer Stations and Recycling Centers. And we are working to convince Material Recovery Facilities (where your recyclables are taken and sorted) to sort Obaggo disks out for us. And we developing a Phone App that will tell you all of the options available to you, depending on where you are located. Please read our blog for more information:
  • Where can I take the disks after I make them?
    Obaggo is developing a Phone App that will tell you all of the options available to you, depending on where you are located. Please read our blog for more information:
  • What will the disks get made into?
    Plastic bags recyclable in Obaggo are made out of polyethylene, which is a versatile material that can be made into all sorts of different products. Today they’re made into outdoor decking, railroad ties, playground equipment and park benches, they’re made back into grocery bags and garbage bags, irrigation pipe, and all sorts of other things. To learn about how plastic bags are turned into new products, please read our blog post:
  • What is the carbon footprint of the Obaggo appliance?
    Obaggo performed a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) that estimates the cost (in terms of CO2) of manufacturing the device, using it over its lifetime, and then disposing/recycling it at end-of-life. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a tool (called WARM - Waste Reduction Model) to measure the CO2 benefit of recycling plastics in comparison to disposal as waste. With these costs and benefits we can estimate the impact of Obaggo. Assuming a household makes one (1) 4-oz. disk per week, and this polyethylene film is recycled and not landfilled or incinerated, Obaggo saves 20 times the amount of CO2 than it uses. And if you use Obaggo more than once per week, or in a commercial setting where you use it all day long, the benefits are even greater.
  • Is Obaggo safe to use in the home?
    Rest assured, Obaggo will not sell a product that is not safe to use in the household. A prototype of the Obaggo device was tested at one of the leading Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing laboratories in the country, and found to generate fewer TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) than other common kitchen appliances. Obaggo is fitted with an exhaust fan and active carbon filter to absorb fumes and odors.
  • How long will the Obaggo appliance last?
    We designed the Obaggo appliance to last 20 years with once-a-week use. We also designed it to be repairable, so components that could wear out can be replaced, so it can remain in use as long as possible.
  • Is Obaggo safe for children to use?
    All Obaggo products will be testing by a reputable certifying organization (Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in North America) to be safe to use in the household, and safe for children to use under parental supervision.
  • When will Obaggo be available?
    We’re working to bring Obaggo to market as quickly as possible. Shipments are scheduled for November 2022 or earlier.
  • Will there be a 230v International version?
    Immediately following the shipment of Obaggo in North America, we will be focusing on the production and safety certifications for a 230v version for international shipment.
  • What kind of warranty does Obaggo offer?
    Obaggo offers a lifetime warranty. We intend to make quality products that last. If your Obaggo ever breaks, we will either replace or repair it.
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