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Innovative Plastic Film Recycling

Transform your plastic bags into recyclable disks

Around 2% of plastic bags and packaging film are recycled.

Plastic bags and film aren’t accepted in most curbside collection or transfer station recycling programs.
The thin, flimsy, shape of the material causes them to jam the equipment that sorts other recyclables.

Meet Obaggo, the World's First

Plastic bag densification appliance for the household

Plastic waste sucks.
Let's do something about it.

Most plastic bags and wraps take a one-way trip – from the store, to your house, to landfill. If we’re lucky.

Obaggo transforms your loose bags into a valuable recyclable resource. No more landfill. No more incineration. No more pollution.

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Shape is everything.

Loose bags are a bad shape for recycling. They tangle, jam, get filthy. Worthless to recyclers.


Obaggo pucks are a great shape for recycling. The inner bags stay clean and dry, don’t jam machinery, don’t get confused with other recyclables — which makes them economical to turn into good products.

Works like magic.

Start with clean and dry bread bags, cereal box liners, vegetable bags, zip-lock bags, or any of dozens of other recyclable plastic films. Wrap them all up in a ball and place them inside.

With the push of a button, Obaggo applies a little heat, a little pressure, and like magic, your plastic bags have been transformed into a recyclable object.

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Keeps bags out of landfill.

We’re running out of landfill, and plastic bags and wraps take up a lot of space. In the US, our landfills are projected to be full in 15 years, and 5 years if you live in Puerto Rico. Obaggo helps you keep all that valuable plastic out of landfill.

Designed for recycling.

Obaggo disks are the optimal shape for recycling. They can be easily sorted out of the recycling stream, and then processed into post-consumer resin (PCR), the raw material for new products.

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Obaggo creates circularity.

Yeah, we create circles, but we also enable circularity. Plastic bags can come back as many things. Your Obaggo disks can come back as a flower pot, a compost bin, or maybe an Adirondack chair.  And then that plastic can be recycled again.

Energy efficient.

It takes just 290 kilojoules to make one Obaggo, less than it takes to toast a slice of bread.


Obaggo works its magic using very little juice

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Simple controls, easy to use.

On, Off, Eject.


Heating, cooling, done.


Enough said.

Fits any kitchen.

Weighing in at under 6 pounds, with a footprint of 7″ by 7″, and only 11″ tall, we’ve packed a whole lot of revolutionary technology into a tiny package.

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Solves everyone's bag problems.

Obaggo can help anywhere plastic bags and wraps are found:

  • at home

  • at school

  • at your office

  • at retail stores

  • at recycling centers

Obaggo makes recycling fun!

Why not enjoy your Obaggos before you recycle them?

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Obaggo empowers you to make a difference.

Let’s face it, plastic waste is killing the planet. Obaggo creates circularity, enabling this precious resource to be diverted from the waste stream and the environment and into the recycling stream.

The right solution to a tough problem.

How to get recyclable plastic bags from your home to the recycler, and made into new products. Easily. Conveniently. Obaggo is an elegant solution to a global sustainability problem. Be part of the solution today.

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