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How does Obaggo work?

Obaggo Recycling is a startup that has developed a revolutionary plastic packaging film recycling appliance.

We get asked lots of questions, and here, we're going to answer another of the most frequently asked questions, "How does Obaggo work?"

First, you need to save your recyclable plastic bags, wraps, and film. Don't throw them away! If you are doing this already, that's fantastic! If you already have a drawer or cabinet full of bags, you are not alone, so do we! What a waste of space!

Instead, you can store your bags and wraps right in your Obaggo device, until you have enough to make a disk.

How long it takes to save up that much is really up to you. Of course, we encourage you to avoid plastic bags and film as much as possible (reduce), and use bags and wrap over again (reuse).

But for the bags and wraps you can't avoid, Obaggo is here to help you recycle!

When you have saved-up about 20-25 "grocery bag equivalents" of plastic film material, you are ready to make a disk.

Take all of the film, and place them inside any one or more of the other bags/wraps, and crush it into a ball.

Place the ball of bags into Obaggo, and close the lid.

Next, simply press "ON", and the magic will begin.

The "heating" light will glow (red) for about 8 minutes.

During this time, Obaggo will heat and compress the material.

Then, the "cooling" light will glow (blue) for about 8 minutes, allowing the material to cool down to a temperature that is safe for handling.

Next, a green light will indicate that your Obaggo disk is done!

The last step is to open the lid, press the "EJECT" button, and your Obaggo disk will be pushed out for easy removal.

What you have just done is transformed your loose plastic bags and packaging film, which are bad for mixed-stream recycling, into a rigid object, that is more economical to collect, sort, and reprocess!

And all the hundreds of layers of material inside will arrive at the plastic re-processor just as clean and dry as it was in your kitchen.

Which will help ensure your bags and film will become good products again.

Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign, set to launch on September 29th!

Thanks so much,

Dave New, founder

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