Where can I recycle my Obaggo's?

Obaggo has invented the world's first plastic bag and packaging film recycling appliance.

So you just made your Obaggo, now where can you recycle the disks? This article answers this Frequently Asked Question!

Below, an Obaggo drop-off bin at a recycling center

Below, a plastic recycling "extruder" machine, made by EREMA North America.

Obaggo's mission is to achieve universal acceptance of densified plastic film disks in curbside recycling programs.

The Obaggo disk is designed to be a valuable object that is easily sortable from a mixed-stream of recyclables, using the types of automated equipment found at your Material Recovery Facility (MRF), where your recyclables are taken.

But, we have a "Chicken or the Egg?" problem.

How can recyclers sort out Obaggo disks, to sell them in large bulk quantities, if they don't exist yet?

The answer is, MRFs won't sort out Obaggo disks on Day-One, there simply won't be enough disks.

There are over 300 Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in North America. When there are enough Obaggo disks being recycled, that a MRF can sort them out and sell, literally, tons of them, we will start to see curbside recycling programs accept Obaggo disks.

So we need to introduce Obaggo and grow it to scale, before MRFs will be able to recycle them.

But what can we do with our Obaggo disks until then?

Obaggo is working to provide consumers with as many convenient alternatives for recycling their disks as possible, during the interim.

The first places that will accept Obaggos will be communities with drop-off locations, where you will find specially-marked bins. Obaggo will collect the material from those bins and ensure they get recycled.

Obaggo bins can be placed at recycling centers, transfer stations, schools, businesses, anywhere that a person or organization thinks it will be most convenient.

To find the closest Obaggo drop-off location, Obaggo will also offer a phone app, which you can use to easily find the growing number of drop-off locations near you.