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The Obaggo Pilot Program

Obaggo is less than 2 weeks away from the launch of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!

We hope you will support our project by pre-ordering your very-own Obaggo appliance!

You will be on the cutting-edge, a part of Obaggo's plastic packaging film recycling revolution!

Today, we'd like to discuss an important part of that revolution; our Obaggo Pilot Program. Pilot Tests are an important way to validate the Obaggo recycling method and shine a spotlight on the innovation.

In a previous post, we discussed how Obaggo is developing ways to collect your Obaggo disks, until your local recycler accepts them in your curbside bin.

Here, we would like to tell you about how YOU can help bring Obaggo to your area, by participating in our Pilot Program.

Towns, businesses, schools, or other organizations are all welcome to participate.

Pilot program participants will purchase a package of Obaggo drop-off bins and Obaggo appliances. The location of the drop-off bins will be added to the map on the Obaggo phone app, so Obaggo users can easily find them.

Obaggo will work with you to arrange pickups when your bins are full. We will make sure your material gets recycled into new products.

If you are interested in learning more, click the links below, and please visit the "Pilot" page on our website, , and sign-up to learn more.

Together, we will finally solve the plastic bag and packaging film waste problem!

Thanks for your support!

Dave New, founder, Obaggo Recycling

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