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Obaggo on ABC News

I want to thank Doug Meehan and Josh Gaines at WCVB Boston for featuring Obaggo Recycling on the ABC News segment, "Made in Massachusetts!". They visited our manufacturing facility for an exciting tour into the world of plastic bag recycling!

Click on the image above, or the link below, to watch!

I also want to clarify a couple of points from the segment, so as not to mislead. Obaggo is working towards curbside recycling program acceptance of Obaggo disks, but we are a long way from being there. The Obaggo innovation, densifying film into more economical objects to collect and sort, will enable curbside collection, but this will not occur until Obaggo disks exist in the recycling stream at scale, in large quantities. This is, perhaps, several years off. In the meantime, we are working to develop an alternative recycling stream for the plastic disks, building upon the retail store take-back programs operated by Trex, Hilex-Poly, and others.

Thanks again to the ABC News team for putting this segment together and showcasing our project!

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