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Ban Manure Bags?

If you have a garden, you probably find yourself from time-to-time returning home from the garden center with bags of mulch, topsoil, peat-moss, or even cow manure.

All in plastic bags.

Cow manure: probably one of the few things you really want to come in a plastic bag!

The alternative of skipping the bag is not fun.

And perhaps the irony is not lost on you; all this lovely organic matter that will help beautify your garden is packaged in big plastic bags that are surely to become plastic waste.

But is it really plastic waste? Can these bags be recycled?

The answer is maybe not as straightforward as you'd like.

While the vast majority of these bags are made from Low Density Polyethylene (#4 - LDPE), which is generally very recyclable, it is the DIRT that causes major problems.

The bottom line: the plastic is good, the dirt on the bags is bad.

Please, never recycle dirty plastic bags.

But what if the plastic is clean?

If you scrub and rinse the plastic, inside and out, you are left with some pretty nice LDPE.

Almost 1/2 a POUND of it, shown here.

And when they're clean AND dry, they're safe to put in Obaggo.

And this clean and dry LDPE can definitely be made into good products again.

Obaggo helps you live sustainably by transforming your plastic packaging film waste into economical-to-recycle disks.

We inform and educate; what is good, what is bad, and why.

We advocate for sustainable packaging and improved labeling.

We're trying to make a difference. But we need you to participate.

Join the Obaggo revolution by pre-ordering your Obaggo today!

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