Plastic bags turned into pucks

Obaggo Recycling is trying to revolutionize how post-consumer plastic bags and film are recycled in the household. Clearly, the retail store take-back program is not working, with a 1% return rate. Obaggo thinks they have the answer (or at least, a better answer). But they need to find out what YOU think about it.

Please watch video, and then take our short survey!

Be part of the revolution by watching our 90-second explainer video above, and then please spend just 3 minutes taking our 10-question survey: Click here for 10-Question-Survey

And if you really want to go above and beyond the call of duty, please VOTE FOR OBAGGO to compete in the upcoming "The VERGE" pitch contest in Oakland in October! (We are the 3rd Video in the "Circular Economy" column).

Thank you for helping to make curbside plastic bag recycling a reality!

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